Thursday, 24 April 2014

Alice in Wonderland Plaque - an idea from Doda

I had great fun making this plaque. I've used the Tea party dies along with some Frond finesse and Sensational sprig dies to decorate this fun quote. The quote was printed onto some scrapbook paper.   I used an offcut of MDF for the base. (Try going to the remnant section in your local B&Q. Some stores even have a cutting service. I'm sure the chap in ours will dread me coming by in the future!!! )

Have  a lovely day

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Tea Party dies - lots of inspiration from Alison

Happy Easter Tonic Fans, hope you've had a fabulous holiday time. I've finally got around to sharing some cards and projects with you from the Tonic Tea Party range of dies.


Monday, 21 April 2014

Pop up Sentiment card TUTORIAL from Ruth

Hi, today I have another tutorial. This time I've used the Tonic Studios With Love Pop Up Sentiment die as the main feature in the centre of the card.

This is what you'll need:
Brown card 8x8
Patterned paper (First Editions Sweet Owl) 19.5cm x 19.5cm
Pink ribbon 
brown cardstock
white cardstock
pink ink pad 
Cosmic Shimmer PVA glue - pastel pink

Die cutting machine
Craft Knife
Masking tape
Hole punch
Tacky Glue
Double sided tape

1. Place the outer pop up sentiment die in the centre of the patterned paper and tape down. Pass through your die cutting machine.

2. It will look like this.

3. Place your ruler along the bottom of where the die cut is still attached to the paper and cut straight across.

4. Using both dies from the Looking Glass Oval die set cut out the shape from brown card.

5. Cut out the centre with the circle die from the With Love set.

6. Die cut the With Love from the brown card and cut another circle from white card.

7. Glue the brown part on top of the white circle.

8. Attach the patterned paper to the card blank with DST and glue the With Love circle in the centre.

9. Snip through the top centre of the Looking Glass oval and remove the tiny patterned piece shown.

10. With this little piece removed it will fit around the "flap" of the card as shown.

11. Punch a hole in the centre of the "tab"

12. Now add a piece of ribbon through the punched hole to act as a tab.
That's the "pop up" part finished and now you just need to decorate the rest of the card.
 You need to add a matching bow at the top of the "pop up" to cover the cut part of the Looking Glass die cut.

I have added a Happy Birthday sentiment across the centre, 4 Pansy Arch corners with Cosmic Shimmer dots and some flowers made with the Tonic Studios Carnation, Sweet William, Peony Punch and Stamp set.

I hope you enjoy trying this idea - see you soon :)
You can see lots more ideas and tutorials on my own blog  - A Passion for Cards.

Tonic Studios Giveway Inspirations

Today Create and Craft are featuring some terrific offers on Tim Holtz Tools, Tonic Simplicity Punches and Punch Packs. If you'd like a little inspiration on what these punches can be used for, here's a small selection of my projects using Tonic Studios Simplicity Punches.  This is just a snippet, pop over to my blog Dips Designs for over 20 different papercraft projects using thse fabulous tools.


Saturday, 19 April 2014

Using Square Dies to Cut Rectangles

I had photographed this tutorial before Tonic launched their Layering Rectangle dies and when I learnt of the new dies, I thought my tutorial would have gone to waste.  However, as the new dies have a wider margin between layers with the same edge style, this tutorial can still be used to create in-between sized rectangles (if that makes sense)?  So this tutorial shows how to get more out of your Square Dies by extending them to cut rectangles!

If you would like a copy of these instructions, pop over to my blog DipsDesigns, where there is a PDF to download or print off.
Step 1
Measure the outer edge of your square die.  In my example (excuse the slight blurriness of the first photo), my outer edge measures 9.8cm and I know that this cuts a 9.3x9.3cm square.  I know need to cut a piece of card that's length is exactly 9.8cm+the extra length I want to acheive. So if I want a rectangle that is 2cm longer ie 11.3cmx9.3cm, I need to cut a piece of card that is exactly 9.8cm+2cm = 11.8cm.  The width doesn't matter as long as it is a bit wider than the die.
Step 2
Butt the edge of the die to the bottom edge of your piece of card and tape into place.  Place this on the cutting plate so that the other end of the die comes off the end of mat (below left). Cut and then emboss this piece (below middle).  You will now have a piece of card cut along thrtee sides (below right).
Step 3
Remove the card from the die, and re-allign the die flush to the opposite end of the cardstock. Manoeuvre  the die so that the cut edges slot into place (this can be a little fiddly but you will feel it when it gets seated correctly, and I find it helps if you trim off the outer flaps).  Tape into place, making sure the it is now the end that has already been die cut that is off the edge of the cutting mat.  Cut and emboss again.

You should now have a perfectly die cut and embossed rectangle.
Please do let me know if you have found this helpful, I love to read your feedback.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Tic tac toe - made from the new square sentiment dies - an idea from Doda

I I made this little game using Tonic's  new square sentiment dies to make the board for the tic tac toe game and also to decorate the lid of the box. I glued about 4 die-cuts of fairly sturdy card together to make the base for the little board for my game. The counters are made from those glass nuggets you get for flower arranging onto the base of which I have glued x s and o s that I printed onto brown card with my computer and cut with a small circle punch. 
This would make a nice little handmade gift item that you could even personalise with clever use of photographs for the counters, or even on the squares for the board.

There are just so many different ways you can use your Tonic dies aren't there!
Have some fun with yours!

Hope you enjoy a lovely sunny holiday weekend.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Tea Party card - a Tutorial from Ruth

Lots of you will probably have got your new dies in the post this week so here's a little tutorial to give you some inspiration on ways to use them.

For this card I have used:
Ivory linen card (Papermill)
Trimcraft First Editions Blank Canvas 8x8 paper pad
Glitter glue
Self adhesive pearl
Ink pad 
Tacky glue

To create the card base with both dies from the Tea Party die set you will need to pass the double thickness card through your machine a couple of times. I have used my Xcut Xpress for diecutting.

1. Score and fold an A4 sheet of card in half.

2. Place the outer die from the Tea Party set on top so that the top cutting edge is just above the fold of the card - and tape down in place.
2b. This is how it should look from the other side.
Pass through your die cutting machine.
3. You will have a plain card at this stage.

4. Tape the patterned die from the Tea Party set on to the top of the card and pass through your die cutting machine.

 5.This will not cut though both pieces of card perfectly at this stage but  you will need to open it and remove any loose pieces so that they do not become "embossed" onto your card.

6. Open the card and tape the back part onto the die and pass through your machine again to remove all the pieces from the back of the card.

 Card base.

7. Using the correct size from the Circle layering dies (I have numbered mine with a permanent marker and this is then No. 8) cut out a circle of patterned paper.

 8. Cut out the Pour Me die from ivory card.

9. Glue this on top of the patterned paper circle.

 10 .Cut out two teapots  - one from ivory card and the other from patterned paper - saving all the "bits".

 11. Ink the edges of the teapot.

12.  Glue this on top of the other diecut as shown.

 13. Now glue the little pieces from the patterned paper teapot in place and decorate the rest of the card with a bow, pearl and glitter glue.
(You can save the other little pieces and make a "reverse" teapot with them - ie a patterned teapot with ivory details.)