Thursday, 27 April 2017

Maria Sabina - Tonic Cactus Step by Step Tutorial

 Hello everyone,

I'm Maria, a young crafter from Romania. I like doing a bit of everything. From papercrafts,
to sewing, cooking and so much more. I always try to come up with new ideas and experiment
new ways to use the most out of my craft supplies.


Step 1: To add a more realistic look to your cactus, use a sheet of green
cardstock. Go over the paper with some brown ink and blend that in
by using a sponge. Add some white splahes on the entire piece of paper, by
using white paint, water and a paint brush. 

Step 2: Die cut 12 circles by using a mix of two dies.
Sew Pretty – Pinhole Nesting Layering Circle Die Set – 524E. Circle Layering Die Set – 481E. 

Step 3: Fold each circle in half. 

Step 4: Using a pair of scissors, cut the bottom of the circle. 

Step 5: With a pair of scissors, cut out small triangles from kraft cardstock for the spike look.

 Step 6: Add a layer of glue and lay the small triangles on the edge of the circle. 

Step 7: Add the second scored circle to connect with the first one.
Follow the same step for all, until you have the perfect round cactus shape. 

 Step 8: Using a strip of yellow cardstock and a pair of scissors, make small cuts, but don't cut all the way down. Leave a small border to roll and glue the piece together. 

 Once it is dry, slowly open the petals.

Step 9: To create the soil, use a piece of black tissue paper and crumple the paper into a ball shape.

Step 10: Glue everything together and finish the cactus with a few drops of Nuvo Jewel Drops – Key Lime – 645N

I hope you feel inspired to try new things with your supplies. If you want to see more of
my work, please visit my blog here

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  1. That is so cute, what a clever idea. The perfect gift anyone!